Best Marine Life Tours To Go On in 2024

If you are looking for the chance to catch sight of some spectacular marine life around San Diego and the rest of Southern California, 2024 is the year to do it. With that said, you may not know where to start.

First, take a look at your budget and see how much you can afford to set aside for the trip. Then, consider some of these suggestions. Make sure to ask friends if they have experience with any of these tours if you want to have even more perspectives.

San Diego Whale Watching Tours


For anyone who has never gone whale watching before, it is a must-do activity if you visit So-Cal’s coastal area. In particular, San Diego is especially popular for individuals flocking into charter boats where they can capture incredible views of beautiful marine life. Whether you prefer to take a private boat tour San Diego or choose a standard group outing, there are several tour options to pick from.

Private Whale Watching

If going on a private whale watching tour is something that sounds enjoyable, this can be a good idea for family gatherings as well as work events or other celebrations when you want to have a more private experience. To make reservations, allow for plenty of time in advance.

La Jolla Whale Watching


As for locations with So-Cal whale watching, La Jolla offers a sunny opportunity with a photogenic coastline and winding hiking trails that run along breathtaking sea cliffs and ocean views. As one of the most popular spots for whale watching, La Jolla is an excellent place to go with new and seasoned whale watchers alike.

Field Trips and Special Events

Whether you choose a private tour or a standard one, whale watching can be a fun activity for field trips and other special events as well. Because it can be interesting and meaningful for people of all ages, there are a lot of potential ideas when it comes to planning.

So-Cal Sailboat Excursions


In addition to exciting whale-watching opportunities, California is also home to some of the most amazing sailboat excursions as well. If you think you understand sailboats because you have been on other boats in the past, you are wrong! Riding a sailboat is an entirely unique experience.

Los Angeles Waterfront, San Pedro

While there are many gorgeous locations to catch a sailboat tour, one of the best is in San Pedro along the Los Angeles waterfront. There, you can witness beautiful views while you relax or you can choose to go explore the wonderful Port of LA.


Sunset Along San Diego’s Coastline

Wherever you decide to sail in the area, around La Jolla whale watching or San Pedro, be sure to make time for catching the sunset. Being on the west coast along the ocean during the evening hours is a unique experience that is almost always camera worthy.

If you want to capture images of marine life this year, do not miss out on the many opportunities around San Diego and the rest of southern California. Check out some of these suggestions if you are unsure where to start planning your next adventure.

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