How to Store and Maintain Your Cigars Properly

Cigars can be an expensive hobby, and storing them properly is essential for the best flavor and longevity. A proper cigar humidor will provide the ideal environment for your cigars. This article discusses how to create, choose, and maintain one. We’ll also look at the best way to store cigars and how to ensure they remain in the best condition.


Creating the Perfect Cigar Humidor

A proper humidor is essential to keeping your cigars in pristine condition. A humidor is essentially a climate-controlled storage box explicitly designed for cigars. You can buy an acrylic humidor or a wooden one, depending on your preference. A wooden humidor will have better insulation and is usually better quality, but an acrylic humidor is more affordable and better for travel.

When choosing a humidor, it’s important to consider storage capacity. You’ll want to ensure it’s big enough to fit all the cigars you plan to store. It should also have adjustable dividers to organize your cigars by brand, style, or size.

You’ll also need to consider the humidification system you’ll use. This device will keep your cigars at a consistent humidity level. Most humidors use a combination of humidification packs and a hygrometer to measure the humidity levels. Your humidor should be airtight so the humidity is appropriately regulated.

Finally, you’ll need to maintain your humidor. The humidor’s interior should be cleaned and oiled every few months to keep it in top condition. This will help keep your cigars fresh and prevent mold or mildew from forming.

Choosing the Right Humidor

When selecting the perfect humidor for your cigars, there are several options. The most popular type is a wooden box made of Spanish cedar, designed to protect your cigars from the elements and help maintain their quality. If you want a more affordable option, you can buy a desktop humidor, which is typically made of plastic or metal and is excellent for storing cigars in smaller quantities. There are also travel humidors designed to be lightweight and portable. No matter which humidor you choose, it should be airtight and have a tight-fitting lid to prevent moisture or humidity from entering or escaping.


Maintaining Humidity Levels

Once you have chosen your humidor, it is time to consider how to maintain it. There are a few essential tips for ensuring that the humidity levels remain optimal. First, buy an acrylic humidor if you store cigars for a long time. While traditional wooden humidors are beautiful, they can absorb moisture and lose their seal. Acrylic humidors are a great choice because they are light, durable, and will maintain the proper humidity levels for your cigars.

Next, check the humidity levels regularly. Purchase a hygrometer and keep it inside the humidor. This will help you to monitor the humidity levels so that you can adjust the humidity accordingly. If the levels are too high, add a few silica packets to absorb the extra moisture. If the levels are too low, add a few drops of distilled water to the humidifier.

Finally, rotate your cigars every few months to ensure the cigars are evenly humidified, which will improve the overall flavor and texture of the cigar.

Storing Cigars Properly

Once you’ve found the perfect humidor for your cigars, you must store them properly. You’ll need to take the proper steps to protect and keep your cigars pristine. First, keep your cigars away from direct sunlight, which can dry out the cigars and cause them to go bad. Additionally, store your cigars in a well-ventilated area to maintain humidity levels. Finally, keep your cigars away from other items that could affect their flavors, such as perfumes or colognes.

Keep your cigars in the same condition as when you bought them. If you buy pre-rolled cigars, keep them in their original packaging. If you’re storing loose cigars, keep them in a plastic or metal container to protect them from dust, dirt, and other debris. Additionally, if you’re storing cigars for an extended period, you may want to consider investing in a cigar tube or jar. These containers are designed to keep cigars fresh and will help ensure they stay in the same condition as when you purchased them.



Storing and maintaining cigars properly will reward you with the perfect smoke each time. A humidor is an ideal way to store cigars, as it maintains the humidity needed to remain in the best condition. When buying a humidor, look for one that is well-built of quality materials and has a tight seal. Additionally, the humidor should be able to maintain the desired humidity level, which is usually between 65-75 percent. When storing cigars, keep them away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and other items that could damage them. Following these tips will help you properly store and maintain your cigars so you can enjoy them for years.

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