Top Factors to Consider When Hiring a Construction Litigation Lawyer

Running a successful construction business takes more than top-class equipment and skills. It is a challenging industry that could see you dealing with one legal problem to the next, which can sink your business. While you may have invested in legal resources to understand the dos and don’ts, you need more to protect your company and maintain a good reputation. This is where construction litigation lawyers’ services come in, helping you amicably resolve legal matters and protect your interests. If you are looking for a construction litigation lawyer, here are a few pointers to ease your search and ensure you hire the right match.

Know what you need

Construction disputes range from payment concerns and construction defects to contract breaches, to name a few. As such, you need to pinpoint your needs before you start your hunt. This makes it easier to narrow the lawyers based on their expertise. For instance, when using recommendations from sources like other construction professionals, you won’t simply pick the lawyer with the most positive image. You’ll consider their area of specialization to ensure you make a shortlist of services aligned with your needs.


Look at their experience

The construction industry is complex, and the last thing you want is an inexperienced lawyer using your dispute for their learning curve. You need a construction litigation lawyer with years of experience and a track record. Years of practice means they have the resources needed to navigate challenging concepts. This is because the dispute could entail technical aspects ranging from extensive documentation reviews to seeking expert witnesses’ testimony.

Navigating such concerns requires experience and access to resources like a network of experts, which a lawyer with a proven track record has. Besides the years the construction litigation lawyer has practiced and their track record, see if they have other certifications, accreditations, or affiliation to professional bodies. Such aspects further show their areas of expertise and the standards they employ.

Consider the availability

The last thing you want is your case failing to adhere to the strict deadlines. This can result in costly results beyond financial implications. As such, you need a construction litigation lawyer who can give you the attention you need. Their availability determines how much they can invest in your case. If they are not available and dedicated, you may not be prioritized, which can hurt your case. Ensure you pick a lawyer who can dedicate sufficient time and is readily available to handle your case.


The fees

The cheapest lawyer may be irresistible, but they may not offer the best services. The costliest is not automatically the best, especially since their law firm’s fancy nature could influence their fees. As you consider the financial bit, establish the lawyer’s billing practices and how much it will cost you to hire them. Weigh the cost against the value they deliver, ensuring you enlist a construction litigation lawyer who’ll deliver the value of your investment, if not more.


Communication is at the heart of any productive relationship. If you can’t clearly communicate with the lawyer, you are setting yourself up for failure. Choose a lawyer you can comfortably communicate with, especially when a team is involved. Streamlined communication ensures everything is addressed, which facilitates solid strategy development.


The best construction litigation lawyer can help protect your business rights and reputation. They can mitigate the chances of dealing with costly legal concerns and make your quests to build a successful business much easier. The above checklist can help you narrow down the options and find a lawyer best suited to your situation and can partner with you in the long run.

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