Top Rated SEO Companies for Personal Injury Lawyers

Top SEO Companies for Lawyers provide comprehensive legal marketing solutions that boost website visibility. Their expert knowledge in legal terminology and court proceedings enables them to craft smarter law firm strategies.

1. Chicago SEO Scholar


Chicago SEO Scholar is a marketing firm that assists organizations in increasing their online visibility. Their services include web design, social media management and SEO audit services in addition to search engine optimization. Chicago SEO Scholar’s team of marketing experts work closely with clients to understand their goals and target audiences before creating customized plans that incorporate usability testing, keyword research and data-driven content creation.

For local searches, they specialize in providing businesses with search engine optimization to appear at the top of organic search results on major search engines and attract more relevant traffic and leads that could later turn into sales. In addition, they optimize point-of-sale platforms, so customers discover and engage with brands more easily, ultimately increasing revenue streams.

Their services have become an indispensable component of eCommerce companies’ digital marketing strategies, particularly those targeting eCommerce customers. SEO from Chicago SEO scholar can drive more visitors to websites, generate leads and sales increases, make customers find what they’re searching for more easily. Unfortunately, many business owners misunderstand how SEO should be utilized effectively to grow their businesses.

Chicago SEO Scholar

55 E Monroe St Suite 3800 Chicago, IL 60603

(312) 529-8226

Chicago SEO Scholar is a premier SEO agency, helping businesses increase online visibility and drive sales with proven on-page and off-page strategies that leverage keywords in URLs, titles, Meta descriptions and content development techniques that improve visibility in markets where businesses compete more successfully. Chicago SEO Scholar’s commitment is helping their clients attain optimal marketing results without resorting to unethical practices such as “black hat” SEO practices.

2. Custom Legal Marketing


Finding the appropriate law firm digital marketing agency can save time and money while helping you to reach your target audience more efficiently. A legal digital marketing company may also help bring in new leads faster than you could achieve on your own, such as SEO, content marketing, social media or PPC advertising services.

This New York-headquartered firm that partners with Chicago companies assists attorneys and law firms in creating an impactful online presence through website design, search engine optimization, paid advertising management, content creation, video production and more. Their experienced legal marketers remain up to date on any trends or changes to online marketing so their client’s campaigns continue to be effective.

Custom legal marketing provides its clients with an edge in winning more business by optimizing their websites and creating original, informative content that showcases their brand. They can also manage and optimize Google Business profiles ( for enhanced local search results as well as create boosted posts or social ad campaigns to drive instantaneous traffic and engagement.

The company offers custom-designed legal websites that are user-friendly and include informative copies. Their team of legal writers can also write authoritative articles that can showcase your full legal knowledge to prospective clients. In addition to web design and other services, they also offer PPC services which generate instant leads.

To summarize, Custom Legal Marketing can assist your law firm in distinguishing itself from competitors with branding strategies designed to set it apart from its competition. Their team can design logos, brand guidelines, templates and other materials that give it a uniform identity across mediums. Furthermore, Knox can handle any crisis management that might arise, such as negative reviews or hacking attacks on your domain name.

3. iLawyerMarketing


iLawyerMarketing stands out among other digital marketing agencies by being one of the few agencies who specialize exclusively in optimization for law firms, PPC management and video production for legal practices. Their focus lies on increasing client leads while decreasing cost per qualified lead – an excellent option for lawyers looking to expand their practice.

They provide pay-per-click advertising, social media management and content writing services as well as technical SEO, local search optimization. Their team of expert SEO professionals can manage all aspects of digital marketing for attorneys as well as website development if necessary.

One of the greatest assets of iLawyerMarketing is their extensive portfolio. They have worked with clients such as Fowler Law Group and Henderson Franklin, with great results – tripling organic search results within twelve months for one personal injury firm being just one success story among many others.

4. SmartSites


SmartSites is a digital marketing agency offering web design, website development, and SEO and PPC services to its clients. Their team of experts collaborates with them on planning, building, and promoting websites online for industries including real estate, technology, and law. Founded in 2011 and based out of Paramus, New Jersey, smartSites boasts numerous positive employee reviews with its Marketing & Operations departments receiving the most praise.

This company stands out as a premier provider of search engine optimization strategies to connect attorneys and firms with those needing legal services, specifically through targeted SEM campaigns as stated here. Their experience and expertise allow them to offer their clients tailored keyword research plans which cover a wide array of legal services.

5. Zola Creative


Zola Creative provides services including website design, content creation, marketing, and social media to help legal professionals create an attractive online presence that resonates with potential clients and leads them down a path of engagement with your legal business. Their experienced team is well-versed in tailoring a strategy specifically to your unique requirements – helping you attain new business or build upon existing relationships in the legal sector.

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