6 Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

This post focuses on spicing up your sex life and acknowledges the various seasons relationships go through. We experience times of intense passion as well as periods where things might feel less exciting. Factors like responsibilities, kids, or major life events can contribute. It’s essential to understand that these cycles are normal, affecting both our overall connection and our sexual expression with our partner.

If you find yourself in a prolonged phase where your sex life feels dull or even non-existent, this post offers conscious strategies to reignite passion and infuse more excitement into your relationship.

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1. Switch Up Routine

The first tip to enhance your sex life is by changing your routine. Sexual desire thrives on mystery and spontaneity. In the early stages of relationships, the unknown fueled passionate encounters. However, as time passes, routines can form, leading to a lack of variety. While routines can be comforting and based on preferences, they can also contribute to a decrease in sexual desire due to predictability.

To counter this, it’s important to occasionally break the routine. Try new locations, positions, or sequences to inject novelty and excitement. While you don’t need to completely reinvent your experiences each time, introducing elements of surprise can reignite passion. In this post, I’ll share five easy ways to switch up your routine, rekindling that sense of mystery and excitement in your sexual relationship.

2. Changing the Location

The first one is to have sex in a different location than you usually do. Now, if you’re very adventurous, that may be outside of your house. But if that feels too much, just a different room inside of your home. So most couples have a specific place, usually it’s the bedroom, where they always have sex. So one of the easiest ways to switch up the routine is to have sex in a different room in your house. Have sex in the kitchen, have sex in the living room, have sex in the guest room, have sex in the shower. Just switching up the location can already spice things up quite a bit because oftentimes if you’re in a new location, let’s say you’re having sex in the kitchen, you’ll probably try new positions because the environment maybe makes some positions possible that weren’t possible in your bedroom.

So this is a very easy way to switch up the routine. Just try once in a while to have sex in a different location.

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3. Initiating Sex Differently

My next suggestion involves changing how you initiate sex. Often, we establish a routine over time for initiating intimacy with our partner. Whether it’s the after-dinner Netflix routine or a particular signal that sparks desire, routines can sometimes hinder novelty. To ignite a fresh spark, consider altering your approach.

For instance, if you usually initiate at night, surprise your partner by doing so in the morning when they least expect it—perhaps while they’re enjoying their morning coffee. Alternatively, switch up the setting by sending a text during the day, expressing your thoughts and excitement for an intimate encounter later.

These small adjustments can bring a renewed sense of excitement to your sex life. Particularly in situations where initiation is typically one-sided, making the conscious effort to initiate can strengthen the connection. Remember, a little change can go a long way in enhancing your intimate moments.

4. Wearing Something New

Now my third tip is to wear something new. So buy a new set of lingerie, or if you’re into role play, buy a sexy costume and surprise your partner with it. Again, I notice a lot in long-term relationships, it’s kind of like in the beginning of the relationship, we do a lot of things to keep things spicy and to keep that element of seduction alive. And then with time, we can kind of get complacent and we can kind of stop putting in effort. So from time to time, surprise your partner. You know, wear something new. Maybe you want to put on a robe, and then when they come home, you can slowly reveal what you’re wearing underneath. And again, just like creating these little moments of surprise, if this is not something you usually do and your partner comes home and all of a sudden he sees you in this stunning lingerie set or this really sexy role-play costume, it’s gonna shift the atmosphere, and it’s gonna keep that sense of passion alive.

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5. Learn new techniques

And my fourth tip is to try new things and to learn new techniques. Sexuality is an art, it’s a skill, and there are so many things that we can learn and we can keep on expanding our sexual repertoire. So instead of just kind of, you know, repeating the same things again and again and again, really keep on expanding, keep on trying new things together. And you might try something and it doesn’t work, that’s fine. But even just the act of trying will keep that sense of sexual passion alive. And if you’re not sure where to start, you can start on the internet. There are tons of articles and videos about female orgasms and different types of techniques that you could even read and watch with your partner together and then practice on each other. It’s fun, maybe it will open up a whole new way of expressing yourself and your sexuality.

6. Experiment with Sex Toys

Now, for my fifth tip, consider incorporating sex toys into your intimate experiences. This could range from using simple items like vibrators or handcuffs to exploring more advanced options like auxfun sex machines. The world of sexual devices offers a variety of choices to suit different preferences and comfort levels. Introducing sex toys can add novelty and excitement to your encounters, as they introduce new sensations and experiences that you and your partner can explore together.

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The point here is just to stay open, to stay curious, and to try new things together with your partner. Alright, so those are my five tips for how you can switch up your routine and keep things exciting and fresh in your sex life. I do want to emphasize that it’s not about doing something new every single time because in that way it can start to become stressful, like, “Oh my God, what am I gonna do now to keep things exciting?” It’s just a few things that you do from time to time in your relationship to keep things fresh.

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