Alcatel launches ‘One Touch Hero’ Phablet with 6 inch Full HD Display 2GB RAM and 13MP camera

Alcatel came up with a new Phablet offering a better and bigger screen. Called as One Touch Hero. This new device offers you an eye popping screen resolution with full hd display. The screen size lies around 6inch. This makes it a big screen phone powered by Quad Core cpu and 2GB RAM. The device is recently announced and has gain a quiet nice acceptance in the market. Today there is a fierce competition between different brands offering a better mobile phone with high end hardware config.

This device offers a direct competition to Galaxy Note and Xperia Z series. Powered by Quad Core processor this Phablet is capable of offering you great multi-tasking output with good amount of storage also. It is around 16GB. It also comes with dual camera. The front features a 2MP camera with 13MP at the backside with LED Flash. The power works on 3400mAh battery offering a decent output for entire day in terms of multimedia and gaming.

As per the specification this device works really fine and has a great set of features. Alcatel is also  going to add some great add-ons in the package which will lure consumers more. Right now as per a news source the package will come with a Projector, MagicFlip LED and eInk Cover. Some might also get lucky to get Bluetooth accessories. This would be the first device which comes with a portable projector accessory. It can be attached to the device on the backside of device and you can get a decent screen output.

alcatel-one-touch-heroThe benefit of MagicFlip cover is that you can save your battery more. Compare to other device in the market this one is loaded with more additional accessories. The cost of this device is not yet released. The phone is just announced and soon we are going to see this in our local market. As per the specification the device looks great enough with good features.

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