BlackBerry to roll out BB 10.3.2 and BlackBerry Blend 1.2 update for BB10 Phones

BB 10.3.2 update

Blackberry is all set to provide a new software update for Blackberry 10 users.  A post from their blog stated that in a few weeks all Blackberry 10 devices will be updated to BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 and also a new version of Blackberry blend, v.1.2. We are sure all Blackberry 10 users will be excited for this upcoming update. The new Blackberry OS 10.3.2 will support all the devices in the Blackberry 10 range.

The new 10.3.2 OS will come with notable camera improvements including improved face-detection, optical image stabilization which will reduce blur due to motion and also better low light performance in auto-mode. The new OS update comes with the Calendar features which were earlier removed and are back on public demand like the meeting mode in Blackberry Calendar and shrink and increase view of Calendar based on the basis of how busy the schedule is.

BB 10.3.2 update
BB 10.3.2 update. Source: CrackBerry

Also the update will come with a much-awaited voice activated Blackberry Assistant, like Siri for iPhone and S voice for Samsung Android devices. It will also sport new icons, better action bar and improvements that will increase the battery life. The Blackberry 10.3.2 OS will feature the Amazon App Store, which will allow users to install Android apps and games on their Blackberry devices.

Talking about the new update i.e. v1.2 for Blackberry Blend, the update will allow users to access the information and data of their Blackberry devices on an Android phones and tablets, iOS tablet, MAC’s and Windows desktops. The new Blackberry Blend will provide better productivity and present a brand new UI which is developed on the basis of the feedback of users, the new Blackberry Blend will make browsing and interacting with messages and other data easy and fast.

There is a new anti-theft feature for security of your phone as well, Blackberry Protect will give you the authority to disable your Blackberry mobile, if in case it is stolen or lost, which safeguard your device and make sure that no one can wipe the data and activate your mobile phone.

The official blog of Blackberry also states that the update is based on carrier confirmation. So when the update gets registered on the carrier network, users will start receiving notifications in the Blackberry Hub. There is no exact date as to when users will receive the update, but you need not worry we will keep you updated about the same.

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