OnePlus 2 will launch with Oxygen OS with Android 5.1 Lollipop

OxygenOS Firmware

Here’s news for OnePlus One users waiting for a Lollipop OS update.We all are also eagerly waiting for the successor of OnePlus One. The company in a statement has revealed that the Android 5.1 Lollipop based Oxygen OS will be sent after the company liftoffs its new flagship OnePlus 2.

OxygenOS Firmware

Now as we know OnePlus One Smartphones are running on one of these two OS, the Cyanogen OS and Oxygen OS. OnePlus had released their first Smartphone with Cyanogen OS, as they had a partnership with Cyanogen, but in later stages there was tension between the two partners and they broke their partnership. After which OnePlus introduced their own Oxygen OS based on Android.

So now users who haven’t yet flashed the Oxygen OS on their OnePlus smartphones and still using Cyanogen OS 11S will receive the roll out of Cyanogen 12S (based on Android 5.1) soon via OTA update in the coming days.

Whereas OnePlus One users running Oxygen OS will receive the new 5.1 Lollipop update only after the company will launch their new flagship Smartphone, OnePlus 2. The updates in Cyanogen OS and Oxygen OS will fix the touchscreen problems which have been troubling OnePlus One users since a long time.

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