Apple iPhone 6s to be launched on September 18

iPhone 6S Launch

Everybody is excited about the next iPhone, i.e. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. We have been updating you with all its rumors and leaks. And now there is a new report that says Apple might launch iPhone 6s OR iPhone 6s Plus on September 18 this year.

iPhone 6S Launch

The report came from Foxconn about this iPhone 6s release. We think this could be true because usually Apple always launches a new device in September and this time also it will follow its usual pattern. Last year Apple launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on September 19 while iPhone 5s was launched in September 2013. So this time also we expect the new iPhone in September.  According to Foxconn, the announcement of iPhone 6s and iPhone plus will take place on September 11 but we don’t think so because on September 11 in 9/11 took place. So the announcement will take place on 9th or 10th September.

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Many Apple fans who were planning to buy iPhone 6 plus have changed their mind and now are waiting for iPhone 6s. Just to remind you iPhone 6 was expected to come with Force touch technology but it did not happen and now it is expected that iPhone 6s will come with Force touch and many other features. Meanwhile stay tuned with we will keep you updated with all info regarding iPhone 6s.

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