iPhone 6S to have improved Qualcomm chip, Check out Leaked pictures

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

We have earlier told you that the next iteration of iPhone, iPhone 6S will support force touch technology, better camera, 2GB RAM, enhanced aluminum body which will surely not bend, along with many other features. Apple has however not changed the design much and iPhone 6S will come with similar design to iPhone 6. The leaked images also show the same, it is similar to iPhone 6 in design and also all slots and placements are the same, i.e. charging slot, camera, lightning port, etc.

Now, as per latest reports and leaked pictures, new iPhone 6S will be equipped with Category 6 Qualcomm chipset MDM9635M. Now talking about this processor, it will deliver double LTE download speeds. However the upload speed will be same i.e. 50mbps.

iPhone 6’s chipset WAS Category 4 and offered a download speed of 150mbps and as per claims this latest chipset will provide up to 300mbps download speeds with iPhone 6S. Now iPhone 6S will allow download speeds up to 300mbps, but the problem is your carrier won’t provide such high-speed data, which will limit this feature and make it less important when compared to other changes and feature upgrades.

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Qualcomm’s ‘Category 6’ cellular modem is the set of latest chipset which will feature in iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 was equipped with Category 4 chipset.

“The Category 6 speeds enabled by the Gobi 9×35 will allow customers to enjoy blazing-fast downloads, snappier application performance due to lower network response time, and run more connectivity based applications smoothly, as well as concurrently. It is still “backwards compatible and supports all other major cellular technologies, including DC-HSPA, EVDO Rev. B, CDMA 1x, GSM and TD-SCDMA” Qualcomm explained talking about the new chip.

Now as it is compact, this chip will also allow smartphone makers to manufacture slimmer and sleeker smartphones. iPhone 6S will not be slimmer, but we can expect slimmer iPhones from Apple in the near future.

Another benefit this chip is going to make is that, it will eat less power, thus it will deliver an improved and enhanced battery life for iPhone 6S. This is one essential thing which all users look for and it will surely improve productivity of iPhone.

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The motherboard will be smaller in size and compact, which will allow makers to embed a larger battery in iPhone 6S. One more advantage of this chipset is that it may not heat up your phone when playing games or using data continuously.

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