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Today Nokia released yet another budget phones for their nokia fans in form of Nokia 225 and Nokia 225 Dual SIM. Both are very same in specifications except the dual sim slots. These are said to be most cheapest phones with Internet Support. Priced at just Rs. 3,500 (approximately) both Nokia 225 and 225 Dual comes with a 2.8-inch QVGA LCD screen offering 320 x 240 pixels resolution. Running on Nokia Series 30+ operating system, phones have 2-megapixel fixed focus rear camera as well. Being an Internet enabled mobile phones, the devices come pre-loaded with with several apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Nokia Xpress Browser, FM Radio and games such as Block Breaker 3, Asphalt 6, Assassins Creed 3, The Avengers and Real Football 2012. Sounds interesting, ins’t it?

Nokia 225 and Dual also have external memory slot supporting upto 32GB MicroSD Card. The devices comes with Bluetooth 3.0 with Slam sharing feature for faster file transfer. Nokia has powered these phones with 1200mAh battery which is said to be offering upto 21h talk time. To make the most out of these affordable but feature packed devices you should get Nokia PC suite which also helps you best security for your data. PC Suite helps you to sync all your data between your PC and the phone, which in result let you have a backup of your data. It also helps you to move content between the phone and the computer, and get apps or the latest phone software. Using this PC suite you can backup or sync your contacts, messages, calendars, etc between your phone and programs, such as Office Outlook, create multimedia messages, or manage your phone’s calendar effortlessly on your computer. There are lots more important stuffs which cannot be done without using PC suite. So get it right away from this page. Nokia-225-pc-suiteDownload Nokia 225 and 225 Dual PC Suites

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  1. Mr Maqbool help me with this nokia225 as i am unable to transfer my contacts from pc to phone after downloading n pc suite we cannot connect

    1. Nokia PC Suite surely allows you to transfer contacts without any problem. Can you please tell me what is the exact scenario? you getting any error or contacts not displaying up?

  2. My Nokia 225 is always connected in a non-compatible mode and I cannot transfer contacts and messages from my old phone. I am using the newest PC Suite

  3. i want to backup my messages in pc…..but i cant able to backup bcz…..when i conect my nokia 225 in pc suite show non copetible and secondly when i click messages icon show nothing can you please solve my problem i really thankfull to you 🙂

  4. 1. I can not Edit My saved Contact number’s Name or Number in Nokia 225 . How can I edit Contact number ??

    2. When I play Video songs, It always shows in Landscape mode . How can I change the video in Portrait mode ??

    3. When I keep the phone in silent mode, it rings . How can I stop ringing in silent mode ??

    4. When I connect with internet, It does not show with which SIM I will connect with Internet . It always connect with SIM 1 . How can I use SIM 2 ?

    1. Hello Atiur Rahman, as you are facing so many problems with your phone, i will suggest you better post these questions on our Forums ( so that you get best help from our experienced members and Moderators.


    2. 1. you can edit contacts in Nokia 225 go to contacts — select contact — select name by pressing up arrow — select edit — change name, number — only it can have one contact its very bad in this phone

      2. When I play Video songs, It always shows in Landscape mode . How can I change the video in Portrait mode ??

      Ans: i am also facing same problem i tried but i am not found any option to change

      3. When I keep the phone in silent mode, it rings . How can I stop ringing in silent mode ??
      Ans: you can cahnge it by go to Settings — select profile — silent — personalise — ringtone volume — to zero — choose it .

      4. When I connect with internet, It does not show with which SIM I will connect with Internet . It always connect with SIM 1 . How can I use SIM 2 ?
      Ans: Phone is set default with sim 1 internet connection it will appear in top of display when are browsing go to directly to menu appears E1 or E2 you can cahnge it sim settings internet by sim 1 or sim 2 as — settings — connectivity — dual sim — Mobile data — prefered sim — select sim 1 or 2 —

  5. Hi Maqbool, Nokia 225 has a different os and hence cannot connect to pc suite. I was willing to buy the phone but i am dissappointed. thanks anyway

  6. Thanks Maqbool for all your Info.Due to your knowledge a lot of my friends have benefited in the past.Now i need your Help.I recently purchased a Nokia 225 Dual Sim.I downloaded the PC Suite from the Link Below (It was a 66mb set up file).I was able to back up the data from my Old Phone Nokia 5130 c but when i connect the 225 for copying that back up the PC Suite Does not recognize it.I also tried copying the back up NBU file to the 225 locally but i am unable to open the NBU file within the phone.Please suggest what should i do?

    1. Hi Maqbool.Based on your suggestion in one of the comments below i download the other version of the PC Suite also but even in that version the Phone is not showing the PC Suite mode and therefore is not getting connected to the PC Suite.Need your Help here!!!

    1. If the phone supports Jar, you just need to copy the jar file on your phone memory and that’s it. Open app drawer, you must see the app installed. You dont need to Run the installer like Jad or Sis files.

      1. but the phone always says “cant open this file” if I click jar file.
        did OS 30+ not supported jar? (nokia 225 use that OS)
        thanks before and sorry if out of topic

  7. hi, I cant install any app on my nokia 225 dual sim. actually I dont know what type app support the phone. e.g. jad, jar, sis, apk etc. do u help me about how to install any apps on the phone.

  8. I have problem with nokia 225 dual sim, I cant connect telephone with computer. I try to reinstal PC suite, try to connect in bluetooth and usb and still nothing. I have only information telephone is in transfer mode and can’t connect. Windows 8 64x

  9. pls help Maqbool.
    how can i connect my nokia 225 in pcsuite?
    i try all version of nokia pcsuite. but any of the version of pcsuite can’t connect my phone.
    pls help

  10. The 225 is little more than a derelict old system trying to look like a modern phone.
    No wifi, rejects PC suite, and only holds one number per contact entry.. Rolling back Nokia to where it was 20 years ago… It is little wonder no one wants their techno junk any more.. They lost their way. I am taking my 225 back to the shop for a refund… And going back to the 6 year old Nokia that CAN handle multiple numbers per contact.

      1. Nokia 225 doesn’t connect with PC suit becoz the phone has not java features. So, how I transfer my goggle contact to Nokia 225.

  11. i am facing problem related to playing songs, when i am playing songs in memory card but it is not changing next or previous song, that means only 1 song will play but in folder have more songs..

  12. nokia 225 –
    no possibility to connect with nokia pc suite. SHAME NOKIA ! ! !
    10 years old nokia for example 6510,6610,3510 are better, like this “new” nokia.

    SHAME NOKIA – Microsoft !
    This nokia is toy and not mobile phone.
    I will never buy NOKIA phones !
    I will tell this information to all my friends.

    1. Nokia 225 – nokia company
      nokia pc suite – nokia company.

      How its possible, that nokia software is not compatible with nokia phone ?

  13. Hey frnds , it’s possible to copy your Nokia 225 contacts , i have one option

    1 => pair your mobile to other mobile via Bluetooth.

    2 => then select your contact all or which you want to share and send via Bluetooth to other device

    3 => now you can take backup where you want . ok

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