Build 10176 is First Windows 10 RTM Build

Windows 10 Wallpaper

The RTM build of Windows 10 is finalized, it is Build 10176. Windows 10 is scheduled to release on July 29 and Microsoft, as expected is bringing Windows 10 to RTM this week with build 10176. RTM stands for Release to Manufacturing which is a stage in Software life cycle, which means that the product is almost ready to be released to the public. It is also known as “Going gold”, after this stage the product is to be released to the public. At this stage an error free build of a product is released.

Windows 10 Wallpaper

The build 10176 is said to be the first candidate for RTM as it appeared on buildfeed from the th1 branch. Brad Sams, the Senior Editor of Neowin confirmed that Microsoft is aiming to sign off the RTM build on July 9. As the Windows, a service always does the RTM build of Windows 10, which will not contain all of its features but missing features will be added with newer builds later.

In Sign off process, out of many relevant builds, the employees select the most relevant build for RTM. It is confirmed that build 10176 is the first RTM build of Windows 10. Stay tuned with us, we will keep you updated with all information regarding Windows 10.

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