Xolo Cube 5.0 Review

Xolo Cube 5.0 Review

Xolo has extended its mid range phone product line by introducing the all new Xolo Cube 5.0 android Smartphone. This device is launched in order to meet the performance and selfie requirement of the users. Cube 5.0 looks really promising to us at the price tag of about Rs. 8,888. Although it looks a bit overpriced but we noticed an improved display with better version this time. The phone features emphasize on good front camera and better performance due to more RAM.

Xolo Cube 5.0 is launched recently it will be available on many online websites and retail stores. Like other brands, Xolo looks less interested in sending online exclusive models. There is an important update about the model, the phone was launched on the above quoted price, but when it finally released for sale, the price was reduced to 7,849. There is a huge fluctuation in the cost.

Xolo Cube 5.0 Review


  • Display Size – 5.0 HD display, Resolution HD(1280 x 720)
  • OS – Android v5.0, Lollipop
  • CPU – 1.3 GHz Quad Core MediaTek MT6582M
  • GPU – 500Mhz, Mali 400 MP
  • RAM – 2GB, Expandable upto 32GB
  • Back Camera – 8 MP
  • Front Camera – 5 MP
  • Sim – Dual
  • Battery – 2100 mAh


Xolo Cube 5.0 DesignXolo Cube 5.0 is a upgrade version of old Xolo Cube mobile phone. This phone gives you more RAM and better front camera. The device has a sleek design. It is flat this time with less curved corners. This device has a 5 inch display on the front, this is a full HD screen that offers you a good screen resolution.

Xolo Cube 5.0 has a really impressive body but it is a plastic model. There are three capacitive touch keys at the bottom. A 5 megapixel camera is on the front top side, It is an upgraded camera that will help you to take more clear and better picture. The image quality is quite decent here. This phone has a color combination of dark and light. The front part is mostly dark while there can be white or other colors on the back.


Xolo Cube 5.0 Design 2Volume rocker is on the right in the form of round buttons, these are placed separately, while the power button is on the top side. The buttons pops up a bit from the body that helps you to easily access them without even looking at them. Micro-USB port and speaker is at the bottom and 3.5mm audio jack is on the top.

8 Megapixel camera with flash is placed on the backside towards the top left corner. The back cover is removable and other slots are given inside. The device has a 2100mAH battery. Xolo Cube 5.0 is a huge phone with 5.0inch screen size. It also offer comfortable grip.


Xolo Cube 5.0 has a decent display quality, the device has a 5.0 HD display . On this you will get maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 which according to me is more than enough for watching videos, checking out pictures, reading text and chatting. The touch quality here is excellent. I think the internal MediaTek chipset offers enough power to the phone to perform well with different apps. But still, the chipset is not a high end one, so do not expect much from the same.

Xolo Cube 5.0 Display

The device doesn’t have any kind of extra protection, like Gorilla Glass, that can give more durability while using the device. The screen offers 16 million colors and it is a HD IPS display. It is a 5 point touch screen that offers smoother operation. Overall the screen quality is good when you read a text in sunlight. The viewing angles are fine. Xolo Cube 5.0 Display2


Xolo Cube 5.0 has dual camera support, where the front one has upgraded to 5MP so that you can take better and clear selfies and the back camera is 8MP that is placed on the top left part that can get easily blocked when you are taking pictures.

It also has a LED flash that will help you take brighter pictures. The phone camera app is mostly based on the stock OS. Most of the budget phones do not have good autofocus feature due to which you cannot use them to take impressive pictures. You will simply have to rely on the most basic settings or you can go with third party camera apps for better pictures.

Xolo Cube 5.0 Camera


Xolo Cube 5.0 has a MTK 6582M chipset. This chipset offers the device a 1.3Ghz Quad core processor coupled with 2GB RAM. There are actually two variants of Cube 5.0. First comes with 1GB of RAM at Rs. 7,999/- and second comes with 2GB of RAM at Rs. 8,888/-

And for graphic needs it has Mali 400 MP processor. This hardware configuration is not really great but decent enough to give you a good performance for day to day activities. This includes chatting, surfing, editing documents, file sharing, etc. But for gaming Mali 400 MP is not a great GPU.

Above all, this phone comes loaded with Android v5.0, Lollipop OS. This is the latest one and in future we might get better upgrades. The best thing here is that due to 2GB RAM the device does not lag or freeze when you use multiple apps. But it do heats when you are playing games.

Battery Life:

Xolo Cube 5.0 has a 2100mAH battery. A 5.0 screen size means a very large screen here. That means more resolution and when you keep the device on maximum brightness, the battery will drain faster. At that point you need a battery optimization app, to extend the usage of the device.

I do not find 2100mAH battery enough for Xolo Cube 5.0. Here most of the things on this phone is based on custom OS, yet I have seen that there are few mobile providers who really customize Lollipop OS with custom skin. This will remove bloatware and make your phone work faster. Thus, I conclude that the battery would be kind of low here.


Let’s see how much Xolo Cube 5.0 can impress buyers in the market. The phone is already sold at a discounted price which is Rs.7849. The discount is probably made to attract more people to buy the phone. One of the major aspects of this budget phone is that they must have a decent battery life.

Having a 5inch screen surely makes users to push this phone for gaming. And due to low battery they might not be happy with the performance. But Xolo Cube 5.0 gains points for its look.

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