How will Microsoft Make Money if Windows 10 is Free

Windows 10 Free

We earlier informed you that, the much anticipated Windows 10 will be free for non-genuine Windows 10 Insiders. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will get Windows 10 for free only if they are genuine users. You might be wondering that, if Windows 10 is free for all how is Microsoft making money?

Windows 10 Free

Here we will tell you how Microsoft makes millions even after offering Windows 10 for free!

Microsoft, which is providing Windows 10 for free, will charge manufacturers for Windows 10, also they will charge users who are building their own PC and want Windows 10 in it. Moreover, they will get revenue from offices, enterprises and workplaces as they are not offering Windows 10 Enterprise edition for free and if you are an entrepreneur, you will have to pay for volume licenses of Windows 10.

Actually providing Windows 10 for free is a pretty smart move by Microsoft as there is hardly anyone who opts to buy a new genuine Windows copy.

That’s not it, Microsoft has numerous other ways to earn big and here are some of them:

Microsoft Office:

The Company sells Office subscriptions, so Microsoft is earning from each and every edition of MS Office that is sold. MS Office comes in various editions like Office 365 Home, Personal, Student, Professional and many more.


Skype is the world’s most popular video-calling service which allows you to chat and video-call with other users on Skype free of cost, but there’s a lot more to buy. You can call landline numbers and mobile numbers directly from your PC to anywhere in the world, however you have to pay for this service. This is another service from which Microsoft earns.

Windows Store Apps Purchase:

Windows 10 will have its own app store like Windows 8 and it will offer several apps at a specified price. You will be allowed to use a free trial of the app which will expire in a limited time. So users have to purchase the app to use the full version. Now the number of apps have been increased as all Android and iOS apps can be easily ported to Windows. Moreover the universal apps have been made better thus they are going to attract users. So there are going to be a lot of apps like the desktop apps, universal apps, more. This will in turn help in revenue of Microsoft.

In App Purchases:

If you download any app from the store for free and it has in app purchases. Then it means that you will be able to access limited features and you will have to buy from the app to unlock and access all features. There are a lot of games and apps with in-app purchases. Every time anybody makes an in-app purchase the entire money doesn’t go to the app developers, Microsoft gets a share in it.

OneDrive Cloud:

OneDrive, as you know, is Microsoft’s Cloud service which is directly integrated to your Windows system. OneDrive provides specific GigaBytes space free, but for businesses and other people who require large amounts of data to store their files, you have to purchase space, every month. So Microsoft is earning from OneDrive as well.

Digital Multimedia:

Windows Store is not just limited to apps, you can also buy official digital songs, movies, TV shows and more just like Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iTunes. So Microsoft will make money even in this sector. Windows Store will surely become a full-fledged medium, where users will get everything, from apps, to services, to audio, video and other files.

Xbox’s Paid Music Streaming:

You have to buy Xbox music pass, to browse and listen to all sorts of music. Along with that you have to pay a monthly rental for this service. Now this music service can be accessed from anywhere starting from your Android device, iPhone, Windows phone and also PC. There are many other similar paid music services like Apple Music, Google Music, Spotify and more.

Microsoft is planning on a lot more services to expand their business, don’t think that they are in loss by giving Windows 10 for free to users, just enjoy the amazing experience of Windows 10 once it’s out!!

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