Google Nexus 7 16GB now available for just Rs. 9,999

You will be happy to know that the price of Google Nexus 7 is slashed. It is coming for Rs.9,999 on popular shopping website. This was launched for Rs.15,999 a few months ago. I am talking about the 16Gb wifi version here. Now the tablet price is slashed to Rs.9,999 which is simply amazing and now it competes with many budget tablets in the market. Nexus 7 offer you a better features and more sleek design. It has an upgraded processor which is capable of handling better multi-tasking. On Amazon the tablet is sold for Rs.11,999 for the 16GB version while popular shopping website like Flipkart are selling it for Rs.9,999 only. Nexus 7 is a decent tablet. The 32BG version is coming for Rs.14,999.

It offers you Android 4.2 OS with 7inch screen on the front side. The screen quality is amazing here. For camera the tablet falls a bit low. It only has a 1.2MP camera while the real competitor Galaxy Tab 2 offers you 3MP primary camera. Nexus 7 has a single front facing camera only. It is powered by Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad Core cpu and supports NFC. If you are willing to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, then you can switch to this cheaper alternative.

Nexus 7
This extreme price cut makes Nexus 7 affordable tablet. Due to good hardware specs you can run many applications and games on it. It offers you lag free performance. The front screen offers you a maximum resolution of 1280×800 supported by IPS display. The tablet has a 12Core gpu also which enhance the gaming output. Google is going to release the new version of Nexus 7 soon which will be slimmer compare to the older one. It will run on Snapdragon S4 cpu with 2GB ram and Adreno 320. It will also get Android 4.3. Jellybean update.

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