Google io16 – Duo Video Calling App with Knock-Knock Preview Announced

Google Duo App

At Google io16, along with so many new interesting stuffs, Google has also announced a new Video calling app called ‘Google Duo’ which is a companion app of Google Allo. The Duo app offers your all new experience of making video calls with your friends and family. The mobile only one-one video calling app that will work great even on slow network connections. It works just like Allo, you need to sign up with your phone number to get connected with your loved ones and remain connected always.

Not only Google Duo provides seamless HD video calling experience on slow networks, but it also comes with a unique feature called Knock Knock that provides you personalized live video preview of the caller. You can see the caller in action right before you even pick up the call. You can see what he or she is doing, what he is up to or where he is even before you answer the call.

Google Duo also provides seamless transition if your video calls between cellular and Wi-Fi, so you don’t need to worry about what network you’re on. Coming to the privacy and security, well, the Duo calls are encrypted from end to end. You dont need to worry about that too.

Since Google Duo is the companion of Google Allo, we will get our hands on these apps later this year, in Summer as Google said. It will be available for both Android and iOS users around the world.

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