Google Allo and Duo Apps available for Pre-register – Know How to Register

Google Allo Duo

Google revealed Allo, the new stand alone messenger app and Google Duo, the new video calling app at the Google IO 2016. Both these are very impressive, which atleast makes me say these were the main highlights of the keynote this year. The good news is that both these apps are now up for pre-register on Google Play. Although there’s no Install button provided. If you register for the apps, Google will notify you when it is launched.

Google Allo Duo

Talking about the apps, Google Allo is a new messaging app with built-in Google Assistant. This is yet something new, very different from Google Now. Don’t get confused. While using Allo, the assistant plays very important role and makes your conversation more effective yet comfortable.

Google Duo on other hand is the new Video calling app, which is also the companion of Allo. The key feature of this app is you can see the preview of the caller before you actually answer the call. It shows you where the caller is, what he/she is up to, etc by showing you live preview of them. That’s not all. Duo gives you the best video quality even on slow networks.

Now. If you want to get notified officially from Google when these apps are launched, you can register here for Allo and register here for Duo. And if you are looking for some surprise, you can download Google Allo APK (Download Duo Apk) right away and start using on your Android smartphone and tablets. That’s correct. As said, it is yet not released on Google Play but the APK has already hit the web. However, this version only works for arm64 bit processor devices. Users with arm v7 may also give it a try because it has worked on some devices with arm v7 processor too.

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