Google io16 – Meet ‘Google Assistant’ 2 way conversational assistant

Google Assistant

At the Google io2016, the company has introduced all new ‘Google Assistant’ which is the one that also plays very important role in the Google’s new Allo chatting app. The new Google Assistant is far beyond the Google Now, because it just didn’t answer your queries but it is a two way conversational assistant that gives you suggestions while chatting for one tap reply, it can book your movie tickets, flight tickets, find and do reservation for your dinner, and lots more using back-and-forth conversation.

You can ask Google Assistant to play a video clip, to search and play a movie, you can ask it to show your graduation picture or images from picnic from a particular year and more. Making your experience much better. Take a look at new Google Assistant in this video:

Regarding this, Google team says, “It builds on all our years of investment in deeply understanding users’ questions,” said the company.” Third party developers would be able to integrate their own services too in Google Assistant once it is launched, in near future.

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