Google io16 – Android Instant Apps, Use apps without installing them

Android Instant Apps

So far Google I/O 2016 has been very impressive. We got to see Android N Beta, Allo, Google Duo and more. Apart from all these, Google has also revealed ‘Android Instant Apps’. What does it do? Well, as its name suggests, you can now run Apps on your phone without even installing them on your phone to tablet. That’s correct. You just don’t need to even download the Full app and install. Google Play will only download the few parts of deep links of that particular app to offer your complete App like experience.

We all know Apps are always better than the mobile version of a particular website. Now, Although Instant Apps will work through your browser but you get complete and full-fledged App experience. All thanks to the Google Play Services behind it. Regarding the Android Instant Apps, the Google team has to say:

“Now as a developer, you will update your existing app. It’s the same Android API, the same project, the same source code, and it can take less than a day’s work depending upon how your app is built. You modularize your app and Google will download only the parts that are needed on the fly.”

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