Lenovo unveils Intel powered Smart Shoes – A Game Controller, Fitness Tracker and More

Lenovo Smart Shoes

Today at Tech World 2016, Lenovo unveils the first ever Smart Shoes (concept) that can be your new not just Fitness tracker, but much more. Dubbed as Yaoat F2, these new smart shoes are powered with Intel processor that can also be used as a Mobile game Controller as well as steps tracker, counts your burned calories, and also take care of your heartbeats.

Coming to the design part, they look pretty good. We can see a Smart LED strip placed below the shoe sole that lights up the shoe at night or whenever you want. They also come with built-in 3D scanning and pressure detection to make your steps as comfortable as possible. These Smart shoes are having built-in batteries and are compatible with wireless charging too. As of now there’s no details about the Shoes pricing or availability but we will keep you updated with the same.

Here’s the official introduction video of Smart Shoes released by Lenovo:

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