Lenovo unveils foldable Mobile phone and Tablet

Lenovo Cplus Foldable Phone

Lenovo Cplus Foldable Phone

A couple of days ago Samsung said that foldable smartphones are around the corner, while today at Tech World 2016, Lenovo has unveiled their own foldable smartphone and tablet. It is the Cplus phone and Folio tablet that come with flexible displays. You can fold and wear the phone on your wrist like a watch. While the tablet can be folded in half and kept in the pocket.

As shown in the video below, we can understand lenovo has made the phone with components which bends also with displays. Talking about the phone’s specs, Lenovo only said that it will be powered with Android operating system and will come in small as well as big sizes, starting with 4.26-inch flexible display. They also said Cplus flexible smartphones will available in 12 color options and will play important Role in 2017. Talking about the phablet, since we can fold it in half, it can be used as a large screen Phablet as well.


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