Google Duo Video Calling App now Available to Download

Google Duo App

Google introduced an all new video calling app ‘Google Duo‘ at I/O 2016 earlier this year. There are some interesting features that makes Duo a unique app among so many others video calling apps. Google Duo went up for pre-register in month of May however its APK got leaked somehow which used to work only for few selected processor powered phones.

But now Google has officially launched it for all Android and iOS running smartphones and tablets. What makes Google Duo one of the best Video calling apps is its high quality video transmission also on slow networks. It also switches between networks (WiFi and Cellular) without interrupting the call.

Another interesting feature of Google Duo is called ‘Knock Knock’. This is something we see for the first time. When any caller calls you, you can see him live even before answering the call. That’s correct. You can watch the caller what he or she is up to while calling. If you feel safe to answer the call, then pickup or leave it. To make this feature work, you must have him in your contacts.

Google Duo also respects and takes good care of your privacy. Also, you don’t need to signup or something to use this app. Just register and verify with your mobile number (like we do in WhatsApp) and done. Download Google Duo for Android and iOS right away and start Video calling. It is a Cross-Platform app.

Google Duo

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