Download Android Auto APK

Android Auto apk

Google keeps on inventing new things every day. Today Google launched an App for your Car called “Android Auto”. Once you installed this app on your Lollipop smartphone and configure it with car, your Driving becomes not only safer and comfortable but you also are connected online. The App brings you useful information such as Maps, turn-by-turn navigation, Traffic reports, weather information and more, as well as organizes them into simple cards and appear just when you need them. Even though your hands are on Wheels and eyes on roads, you get all access to your contacts, messages as well as music without touching the phone. With the new and improved Voice interaction technology you can set appointments, reminder and do lots more. Very soon, this app will come built-in with the leading Brand’s cars. You can download Android Auto APK from here or get Play Store link.

Android Auto apkDownload Android Auto APK | Download from PlayStore

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