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Do you love Facebook? Of course you do! Now if you don’t own any high or mid-range phone and you’re using a low-end Smartphone with limited internal memory you aren’t able to install Facebook app on your phone because of low internal memory issue, Facebook has come up with the perfect solution for you. Facebook released ‘Facebook Lite’, the lighter version of the app, recently for Android devices.  Facebook Lite is capable of working in all networks connections, it is especially made for low and unstable connection areas and users using 2G internet. (Check Facebook Lite Review)

Now the good thing is that this application will work on all Android devices, each and every device that is available in the market. So you don’t need a high-end Android phone to use Facebook, you can use it even with low-end devices with limited memory by using this app.

Facebook Lite is not even deprived of the original features, so you don’t need to worry whether you will be able to access all features or not. You can message on personal chat or group chat, you will also receive instant updates and notifications about activities like comments, likes on your posts, and also you will be notified about birthdays and event invitations. You can browse Facebook home page endlessly and check all updates from friends and more. The Smartphone app is itself pretty smart and a lot more faster than expected, providing users a hassle free experience while using the Lite app, you don’t need to wait to browse it loads stuff easily and faster than ever. Also you can post status’, add pictures and more using the app. I give Facebook Lite a full 10/10 in productivity and usefulness.

However, there are some features (can’t copy paste, can’t see replies to comment and you can’t play videos with Facebook lite ) which are yet to be added, as the app is just out of its development stage, we are waiting to see the bugs fixes and features to be added in further updates. You can download Facebook Lite from this page in seconds and enjoy the fun!!

Facebook Lite Highlights:

  • Takes only 1MB of internal storage
  • Uses minimal internet
  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • Works exceptionally well with 2G internet
  • Suitable for use even with low network areas and slow connections.

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