TrueMessenger SMS App APK – Block Spammers, See Who Messaging You

Truemessenger SMS App

Truemessenger is a new application from True Software Scandinavia AB, the makers of Truecaller and TrueDialer. The new app is based on the lines of Truedialer and will detect and identify the name of sender of unknown messages you receive. Not only that, it will help you block, spam, report numbers which are for sales, fraud, telemarketing, etc as well.

As we all know the number of spams, promotions and unknown messages have become out of control, there was an utmost need of such an application which would let the user control whom he wants to communicate and whose messages he wants to receive, along with keeping inbox clean and not receiving timely notifications about unwanted promotional and spam messages. This is where Truemessenger has come in and it will surely assist users to a great extent.

The whole Truecaller community is helping in filtering numbers that are spam, and soon you won’t receive any spam messages as Truemessenger offers automated spam filter. Truemessenger will replace your default messenger and help you easily identify unknown numbers, helping you distinguish whether it is someone you know or an unknown person, spam, etc. To make a special message alert tone for the app, developers have brought Swedish DJ Avicii and his producer Ash Pournouri for it.

Highlights of Truemessenger for Android:

  • Identify names of unknown mobile numbers who sent you a text message easily
  • Sends spam messages in spam folder, similar to email
  • Block SMS numbers from whom you don’t want messages
  • Also report spam messages you receive and assist the community in providing automated spam filter
  • Filter as per your need, customize your filter options and add spam keywords and more

Truemessenger is available only in India and as per sources it will be launched soon in other parts of the world as well. However, you can now Download the APK file for Truemessenger from here and make make your Message Box clean and spam free right away.

Download TrueMessenger APK | Download from PlayStore

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