Download Motorola Camera App Apk

Motorola Camera Apk

Not happy with the native camera app of your Android smartphone? Don’t worry. Change the way you capture using Motorola’s stock Moto Camera app. Yes, you can now download and side load the Moto Camera on any of your Android smartphone and experience all new way of capturing pictures. It brings several important features and convenient UI. For example, simply drag up and down to Zoom in and Zoom out, scroll from left to bring up settings and from right to go to Gallery.

Using Moto Camera, you can also focus manually to the object that brings up very good image of exactly what you want to capture. Shutter is very fast too. Much more you get with this camera app. So, if you want to experience the new camera on your Android phone, get its APK in one click from this page and install it manually like all other APK files. Or check this installation steps. Remember, Moto Camera is not available on PlayStore.

Motorola Camera ApkDownload Moto Cam Apk

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