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Viber Wink Apk

Did you ever wanted to send a video or picture with your friends which should be disappeared after certain period of time? If yes, it is now possible using Viber’s new app called ‘Wink’. It is a Ephemeral messaging client using which you capture any Video or Photo and set a Time limit for 1 Second, 3 Second, 7 Second and 12 Second until which the media will remain on the phone after your friend has seen it. It will disappear from the phone completely after provided time limit. There is also an option ‘No Time Limit’ but i dont think anybody will use. Because you had to send a media normally, you can use the Viber itself.

This sounds very useful. There use to be situation where you want to show something to your friend, Colleague or Family but dont want it to be with them forever. You know what i mean 🙂 . So, Viber Wink is the best choice for the same. Wink can be used with Viber only. You can send the media only to your Viber friends and no body else.

You can download Viber Wink for Android and iOS devices by clicking the links provided below. If you were looking for Wink APK, it is available too here. Get the latest apk in just one click from the link below.

Viber Wink ApkDownload APK | Download from PlayStore | Download for iOS

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