Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app

Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app

Microsoft had planned to roll out Windows 10 Mobile update last month itself, but it got delayed for some reason. However, there two devices, Lumia 950 and 950 XL launched with Windows 10. Now they are heading near rolling out the update for other Lumia lineup.

To make it comfortable, Microsoft today released an App called Upgrade Advisor for Windows smartphones. This is an easy to use application that not only let you know if your windows phone is eligible for Windows 10 update but also free up the space to get the update. When you first launch the app, it will check the phone internally and let you know you can get Windows 10 on your phone. If yes. Then it will check for the required space. If there is not enough space left on your phone, the upgrade advisor will let you know which files, videos or photos you can move to SD card or Cloud to make the space for update.

Sounds pretty helpful, isn’t it. Yes of course. So, if you are using any Lumia or any other Windows phone and waiting for Windows 10 update, this is the must have app for you. It is free and downloads in seconds. Just go ahead and download it right away from Microsoft store link provided below.

Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor appDownload from Microsoft Store

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