Download Microsoft Mimicker Alarm app APK

Microsoft Mimicker Alarm APK

We have so many amazing apps from Microsoft’s Garage Project so far. Today they released yet another interesting app called ‘Mimicker Alarm’. As its name suggests, it is an Alarm app, but not just the ordinary alarm. Most of the times, although the Alarm rings, we silent it and go to sleep again. But, Mimicker Alarm will not leave us alone until we get out of the bed. How ? Let’s find out.

Microsoft’s Mimicker Alarm app comes with three options, which until you fulfill, the alarm will not go off. For example, if you select ‘Express Yourself’, then until you click a Selfie coming out of bed, it will keep ringing. Secondly, if selected ‘Tongue Twister’ then you will have to read a strange phrase shown on the screen to silent the alarm. And same does the third option, i.e. Color Capture that make you match the color by snapping a picture.

Sounds Great. Remember, unless you finish the mimic in time, that app will assume you’ve fallen back asleep and your alarm will start ringing again. Here is an introduction video for this app. Apart from this Mimics, there are so many more features and customization options provided that makes it a unique Alarm app.

So, what are you waiting for. Go ahead and download the app and make sure you always wake up to your alarm without fail, and that too with fun. You can download it either by clicking the PlayStore link or simply get the Mimicker Alarm APK from this page and install it manually.

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