Download WhatsApp APK (v2.16.179) with FixedSys Font feature

WhatsApp APK with FixedSys

We have seen so many new features in WhatApp messenger in recent times, including Message quoting, Bold and Italic formatting, Striking texts, and more. Today, we got yet another new feature in WhatsApp, that is actually a new font called ‘FixedSys‘. This is rolled out today only for Beta users with latest version v2.16.179. Now messaging has became more interesting.

Formatting and Fonts of course make our conversation pretty useful by highlighting the important words or phrases in a sentence. FixedSys not only expands the letters but also put spaces between each of them. Now, just like all earlier formatting, FixedSys also need you to put something before and after the text to make it appear like that. As you can see in the above image, you need to put ` three times before and after the word/phrase.

If you have subscribed to WhatsApp beta Program, you can get the latest WhastApp version from PlayStore to use this feature. Or alternatively Download the APK file from below in just one click and start messaging with this new Font.

WhatsApp APK with FixedSysDownload from PlayStore | Download WhatsApp (v2.16.179) APK

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