Download Prisma APK – Photo Editing App for Android

Prisma APK

The Prisma photo editing app which was launched last week for iOS, is now also available for Android but in Beta phase. It is the app that went Viral since its launch because you can convert any of your photo or image into impressive piece of art in just a tap.

Once you capture a new photo from its in-app camera or choose a photo from gallery, you can select art filters, zoom, crop and adjust the picture in Prisma. You can turn any of your memorable moments into timeless beautiful art. These can be shared to social media right from the app in single tap.

Now, since Prisma is in Beta phase, you will need to signup for the same from Prisma’s official website. First scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Sign Up for News’ and enter your email address to register for newsletter. Prisma will then send you invite for Android Beta app.

However, we already got the Pirsma Beta APK which you too can download instantly from this page. It is just one click away. Get it now, install manually and start making piece of of from your beautiful memories.

Prisma APKDownload Prism Beta APK

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