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Google Play Store APK

The android smartphone users using version 4.3.11 can now access the updated Google play store in their handset. The Google play store update would bring about some major changes in the features. The update would provide the users to experience a new user interface which includes play books and many media contents.

The major change brought about is in the notification part. The update includes combined updated notifications. This update helps save space. Also the update includes the recent changes in the My apps section. After updating you would also find that the new settings option displays the active account. Now the users can switch accounts very easily by tapping the active account.

The updates are available from around a week. The users can avail the update by checking in the updates available for your handset. The play store may also get updated automatically.

Features of the Google play store v4.3.11:

  • Combined updated notifications
  • Access the recent changes in the My apps section
  • Switch accounts by tapping the active account.
  • UI with TV, videos and a lot more

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