Download Android 4.4 Kitkat Launcher APK

Kitkat Launcher APK

We all know the recently released Android 4.4 Kitkat is the revolutionary update from Google for Android running smartphones and tablets. It is the lightest operating system so far from Android which can run comfortably on any device having as less as 512Mb of RAM. Anyways, there are lots more such features to discuss in Kitkat, if you want you can check out the complete list of features here. Now, if you have seen Nexus 5 in Action, you might have noticed the new User Interface as well as the improvements done in the UI. It also brings the new Google Search where you only have to speak “Ok Google” without touching your smartphone and your device starts listening your Voice commands. But all these features are only available on Nexus 5 because that it is the only device as of now running Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system.

Here is the Good News. You can now simply download the Kitkat 4.4 Launcher and installing on any of your Android smartphone. It is just simple APK file which gets installed like all other APKs and that’s it. You will have same Nexus 5 UI on your Android smartphone with the new Google search where you just need to speak “OK Google” and start searching. The complete guide Step by Step process of installing kitkat Launcher on your Android smartphone is provided on our community. Just check it before you start the process. Dont worry, you dont need to Root or do any kind of developer job to get this launcher. It installs in less than 30 seconds. If it can run comfortably on Lava Phone as shown in the image, then it will surely work on other Android smartphones. Have Fun.

Kitkat Launcher APK[wpdm_package id=’22754′]

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