Download Heimdall Odin for Mac OS

Heimdall Odin for Mac OS

Heimdall is the Odin alternative for Mac OS users. Using Heimdall users can flash Firmwares on their Samsung smartphones and tablets. Based on open-source USB library, libusb-1.0, Heimdall works in the same as Odin works on Windows PC in USB Download Mode. Now a days we keep trying using new firmwares or ROMs on our Android devices. Hence this will help you to carry out the process on your Apple computers as well. If you are not familiar with Heimdall, you can also download the Odin for Mac from here. If you have any query or suggestion regarding Heimdall or Odin, feel free to use the comment box below or ask questions to our community experts using the forum.

Heimdall Odin for Mac OSDownload Heimdall

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