Download Android Wear APK for your Android Smartphone

Android Wear APK

Android Wear is a new and quite impressive platform for Wearable products. Using this new platform LG and Motorola has already revealed their new and first ever Smartwatches running this operating system. These smartwatches offers you everything including directions, social updates, Maps, realtime notifications, time, and lots more.

As you know the Developer preview of Android Wear is already out for developers, there is also an APK available for us. If you want you can also try out the Android wear right away on your any Android smartphone. As it is a normal APK, installation is as simple as other apk apps and games. You just need to download the same from below and install it on your system. This APK and image was shared by Enrico Ros on his Google Plus account.

[wpdm_package id=’22797′]

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