Download Surround Shot APK

Surround Shot APK

Samsung’s all new flagship devices comes with something new and unique every time. Continuing this trend Samsung introduced a new camera feature with Galaxy Note 3 called Surround Shot. This features lets their users to capture a 360 degree spherical panorama by combining several images into one. This mode is very similar to Photo Sphere Mode which we have seen in Google Nexus devices.

Apart from Galaxy Note 3, Samsung has only provided Surround shot for their latest Flagship Galaxy S5. If you want you can download the Surround Shot APK from this page for your other Galaxy S series or Note series devices but i am not sure whether it will work on not. You can give it a try if you really want to have this feature on your phone. Download the apk from the provided link.

Surround Shot APK

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    1. Although i am not sure if it will work for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, but still it is just an APK. Installation takes few seconds and that too RISK FREE. So, you can surely give it a try. 🙂

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