Teamchat – A Mobile Messenger for Companies and Enterprises


Teamchat is the new messaging app that lets you have conversation with multiple people or any numbers of members in the group. It is especially made for the big firms or commercial place or enterprises, so that they could interact with each other without any noise clutter. Unlimited numbers of people can join the group, where other social chat messengers only supports 50 people in the group. Hence this is not a social messenger, but it is a commercial chat messenger.

Teamchat uses different format of messaging that makes it get rid of the bandwidth muddle. There is a system for the messages that gets segregate and also organize which updates the messages to the teamchat conversation. This app also has the admin panel but you have a pay for the app to get the premium version as the free version gives you all the basic services for free.

You can download the Teamchat app from the download link given below for different OS’s.

TeamchatDownload for Android | Download for iOS

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