Download Microsoft Band Health Sync App

Microsoft Band Health Sync APK

Microsoft Band Health sync app is an operational app for its Health band to connect with smartphone’s with cross platform support. Download the Android APK for Health sync app and get started with your Health band. The Sync app actually sync’s the whole data collected by the Band and stores it on Microsoft’s cloud storage and over there it has its own engine to calculate the collected information of the owner’s health and predicts what must be done like particular workouts which benefits the user by reducing a lot of weight or the increasing the miles for running or other type of suggestions which can benefit its owner, also it gives results about the user like how much calories he/she has burnt from starting to present and gives proper certification of health.

The Band consists of many built-in sensors which make it unique from other health related bands available out there, the band gives you deep graphs about some vital signs. The band guides every user with the Workouts to be prioritized and get a proper reading of heart rate which checks heart rate continuously whole day and then even at night it goes through sleep readings. The band comes with a small thin screen which also notifies you with your smartphone notifications, but although there is a little problem in touch ability which needs a lot of attention for buyers and yet not every app make full use of in-built sensor. Even there aren’t many developers for Microsoft’s health band and so they could make whole thing better for the users with the use of available sensors.

Download the APK file of Microsoft Band sync app for your Android Smartphone from below given link.

Microsoft Band Health Sync APKDownload MS Health APK

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