Download Microsoft Arrow launcher APK

Microsoft Arrow launcher APK

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher for Android is out of coding stage and is currently in private testing phase. Yet Microsoft has released it for users, you can have it by becoming a member of the private Arrow Launcher Beta community. However, if you are too bored to do so, you can just download the APK file of Arrow Launcher from the links provided below in one click.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher APK

Lets take a look at the features of Arrow Launcher:

The application comes with 3 screens:
1. People- Displays Dialer, Messages, Contacts, Call Logs
2. Apps- Displays Recent Apps
3. Notes and Reminders- Allows you to add notes and reminders for that note.

All these screens have a row tab in the bottom on which you can move most useful apps so that you. The sections in Arrow Launcher are pretty interactive and the new concept will surely turn many heads and will be loved by users.

Clicking on the Apps window will expand the Window and display all the applications of your phone and it will also display contacts which have been recently dialed contacts as well. The launcher comes with some eye-catching new icons for Messages, Contacts and more. As the application is in testing phase the settings option does not have many features, it just comes with simple features. But you can expect more features in further upgrades. You can give your feedback to Microsoft about the app via the app itself.

Download the APK file of Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher from the links provided below and enjoy!

Microsoft Arrow launcher APKDownload APK | Download from PlayStore

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