HTC One Mini 2 Preview

HTC One M8 was released recently that felled in the high end series and now a portable version with a bit similar feature and lower price is pending to be out. Called as HTC One Mini 2. This phone can bring out some really nice features in your hand. It is a compact mobile phone that comes with a 4.5inch display and very slim design. It features dual frontal stereo speakers that produce amazing audio. It also has a metal design and the compact design makes it very impressive in terms off look. On the other hand HTC One M8 was a big size phone that bring out powerful design and a nice 5inch screen on the front side. Many of you might be looking for a more portable phone which is small and easy to handle can checkout One Mini 2. Today I am going to give you a short preview that can tell you more about the device. With 4.5inch screen the phone is easy to manage and keep on pocket.

HTC One Mini 2

It is like a perfect Smartphone that works well with single hand. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. This front screen is capable of giving you full 720p screen resolution. The phone size is around 122g which s very light. The cost of this device is not yet revealed. Portable and sturdy design are the two primary feature of HTC One Mini 2. This device is just amazing when you are holding it. It gives you a portable screen size and good hardware to use different applications on the same. Similar to One M8, One Mini 2 also has a aluminum body.

It has a very nice finish that add a rich metal look on the phone. The body is also sleek and not very thick. Curved shaped edges looks impressive. It is just an replica of M8 which is small but exactly similar. It is right to say that HTC One Mini 2 also has a premium design. It is durable and strong also. The phone will be coming in three colors. They are dark grey, gold and silver. I think gold one will be more impressive.

HTC One Mini 2 design

HTC has added BoomSound speakers on the front side. This two big size speakers are placed on the edges that push sound directly toward the front side. This makes HTC One Mini 2  the best phone for audio. The sound is really great here. I was not expecting so much quality from a mobile speaker. It is loud and clear similar to One M8. HTC One Mini 2  will comes with 16GB in built storage where you can copy ample of multimedia files. And if you want more you can use a micro sd card for the same. There are two sim slot which feature nano sim. So you will need more small sims for this phone. With 4.5inch display on the front you can use it for web surfing, chatting and for multimedia. The screen gives you 1280×720 max screen resolution. I am sure this is more than enough for screen.

HTC One Mini 2 screen
You get clear and crisp display. Touch screen is always good in all HTC phones. You can simply navigate to different options and modify the phone screen as per your need. You get 1280×720 screen resolution at 326ppi. HTC One Mini 2 has amazing viewing angle. You can use the device effective in sunlight also. 4.5inch screen size is perfect and the device fit well inside your pocket also. HTC One Mini 2 is powered by 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. Which looks enough to run all type of applications and also it is quiet good for gaming. While compare to this HTC One M8 gives you a  2.3GHz quad-core processor. There is a big reduction in the mini which also makes it cheaper. The output is good when you are using various app on the same. It also work with different game sand social networking websites.

HTC ONE Mini 2 comes with the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system and further it has HTC’s Sense 6 UI. HTC always uses a optimized version of Android operating system on their device which makes it more effective and great in usage. The screen interface is fast and looks very slink. This phone has BlinkFeed screen that give you all latest updates on your home screen. HTC ONE Mini 2 has a nice 13MP camera on the backside. This is the same ultra pixel camera which is used in many android phone. Ultra pixel camera is a kind of new technology used by HTC that give you great images instantly with one click. Camera is really great here.

HTC One Mini 2 blinkfeed
The camera app is similar to M8. You have all option to navigate in settings and modify the same to make your picture look better. It has various type of image effects with hdr and panorama also. Autofocus is also nice here. HTC ONE Mini 2  runs on a 2100mah battery is which is good but slightly less than M8. You can use this for entire day without charging it on full usage. But on mid level you can extend that more than a day.

I am quite impressed with the phone battery backup. If you are using the phone for camera and for multimedia or gaming then carry a portable charger with you. Compared to the older model of HTC One Mini, Mini 2 is far more better. It has amore durable design and bit power hardware. The old one has a dual core cpu which makes it limited in terms of usage. The same had been extended to quad core that increase the performance ultimately. The device is good enough for day to day usage and is also smooth. It has a nice hd display on the front with ultra pixel camera. Durable design makes it long lasting for use. I hope the phone will rock in the market once release.

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