Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

Widows tablet always carry professional features that you can’t get in others. Using windows is more user friendly than any other operating system. Today tablets are taking place of tablets. There are few models which has proved to be a successful too for business. Windows tablets are one of them. You can use them for your office work as well you can use them for your media needs. Windows tablet are capable of going you a full pc type features. You don’t have to carry a bulky laptop with you, you don’t have to wait till it turn on. What we have here is a brand new  Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. This one is more better than before and costly also.

If features increase then the price will also.  Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is good enough to beat any portable ultra book or simply Macbook air. It gives you a composite feature of tablet and pc at the same place. The new model will have a 12-inch that will offer you a max resolution of 1,440×2,160. It will be powered by 1.9GHz Intel Core i5 4300U  for better multi-tasking. It has 4GB DDR3 SDRAM 1,600MHz ram and comes with additional 1,792MB (shared) Intel HD 4400 Graphics. For storage the tablet has 256GB SSD hard drive and will run on the latest Windows 8.1 64-bit operating system. So you have seen here how well equip this new tab it. It is amazing in term of look and has great features.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

Design and Packaging:

This time Graphics  Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is more thin. This also it makes it very light. Compare to this a few old version were heavy and big. But the design is more optimized and has provided great looks to  Microsoft Surface Pro 3 S. You can use it quiet easily. You can use the keyboard as cover for the touch screen also. The tablet is not very helpful if you are not using a keyboard with that. With an digital pen support you can now use your tablet as canvas. You can write out important notes, mark thing and do lot more. One thing I never like  Microsoft Surface Pro 3 S is that it does not comes with the keyboard in the package. You have to buy that separately. Microsoft  must sell the entire package together. The new model is here is great. It is optimized to work for longer time with full windows experience. You can use it like a laptop or you can just use it like a tablet. It fits really well in your hand. I found the size perfect. Due to thin design it looks really great.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Design

And you have a amazing screen resolution. The quality looks very premium here. Powered by a Intel Processor makes it more stronger competitor over others. Because it can handle programs more effectively than others. With 12inch screen size it is not very large but gives you a big screen space to work. There are different models available that comes with small screen also. One major concern lies with this tablet is cpu heating. In most of the desktop and laptop and even in ultraportable which has Intel process we have a fan to control the heat. And this one is a complete fanless model. At the time of using I do not really found any great heating issue.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 design Review

At first I thought how Core i5 processor can work well when it is not having enough exhaust to cool down. But after using the same I found that the processor is able to remain cool. From design point of view this tablet is really awesome. You will feel like carrying something premium in your hand. Screen visibility is great here. Digital pen makes it more easy to use. you can simply use it to scroll or write on the screen. We all are familiar with windows platform. So there is nothing much to talk about the same. The Metro UI looks more helpful here compare to desktop version. To carry it you must have a bag.


The keyboard accessory matters a lot here. If you buy the tablet without that then you are really missing something important. This keyboard is having dual feature. First you have a full flexible keypad to type and second you have the screen cover. The tablet looks amazing when you hook both of them together. Your touch work is bit limited when you are using the keyboard. It is an add-on accessory that means you have to output more $129 to buy this which is not at all good. The keyboard has a new type of cover. It is bit large and it cover the entire screen quite nicely. I found this keyboard is one of the best accessory. Without that the tablet looks incomplete. At the front side we have a 12inch hd ips display. A crystal clear screen with good viewing angles.

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