PUBG Weapons Guide: Tips For Getting Chicken Dinner With Proper Aiming

PUBG Weapons Tips Guide

The game that has launched like a boss in the market has roll out its update 0.10.5. I am sure you have guessed it right what’s the name of the game? Right, I am talking about PUBG. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is the most popular online multiplayer battle royale game today around the globe.

PUBG- the fast-growing game in the country is releasing updates back to back which is pretty exciting for fans. Recently with the new updates. There are many add on to the game. The changes have filled the fans with both excitement and disappointment.

With the growing popularity, developers of the mobile game are also constantly working hard in updating the features and functionality of the game. With each day passing, I am sure your adrenaline is rushing for knowing every minute detail about the game. So I thought to share with a tip about which weapon to use when in the game, which will help you to reach Chicken Dinner Chicken.

There must have been many times where you must be in dilemma of choosing the weapon for looting in the game. If that’s the case, then don’t worry. We are here to provide a detailed description of weapons used in PUBG. Here we will be telling you about the best pistols, best SMGs, best shotguns, best assault rifles, best sniper rifles and best melee weapons in the game.

In this Battle Royale you will find weapons littered on the ground. Aiming for weapons is difficult in mobile game as you will find the weapons in unexpected places. If you want a one-stop guide to the weapons which are cream of the crop, the good news is that we’ve done the hard work for you here.


The first weapon you will find in the game would be pistol. Although the pistol are quite weak. The P18C is currently the only pistol in the game which can spew bullets in full auto mode. Note that grabbing a pistol is far better than picking a sickle or machete. These are very good way for kick starting the early game.


Sub Machine Guns (SMG):

If we consider point-black range than nothing can beat SMG. SMG plays one of the vital roles in the game. Although the weapon list provides low damage. Thanks to SMG, you can tear the beast in seconds. The increased rate of fire combined with amazing stability makes it absolutely insane.

Sub Machine Guns (SMG)

Assault Rifles:

Assault Rifles

Almost all Assault Rifles as it’s by far the easiest to use, has decent damage and accepts any attachment you care to throw at it. Assault rifles are best thing you find for wining the chicken dinner. These weapons deal with quite a heavy amount of damage.



When it comes to clearing house or killing the enemies from close range then this weapon comes as a savior. You have to reload this gun after every couple of shots. Pressing the trigger twice in quick succession will unleash both pellets almost instantaneously and will often make for an insta-kill at close range.

Sniper Rifles:

Sniper Rifles

The king of long rifles; yes, it is! After a lot of discussion on close and medium range rifles. Here let’s have a look on the most powerful weapon. The massive damage and enormous range help it in making the most powerful rifle. It’s also flexible enough to support other short-range scopes and has a rocket-like bullet velocity that means almost no bullet drop. It even sounds incredible too, with a meaty boom that resonates with each bullet fired.

Light Machine Gun:

Light Machine Guns

This weapon help in restricting the movement of the opponent team. Perfect for clearing rooms or spraying down teams at a distance. It creates mass destruction in an area. The LMG is the M249. M249 is the vest weapon in PUBG.

Maybe with time the range and number of weapons in the game evolve. If so, then we will keep you updated in our future blogs.

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