Are Dungeons the Fastest Way for Leveling in World of Warcraft

It’s a common thing to find people complaining about how boring and tedious the leveling process in WoW is while some others prefer faster leveling even if that means sacrificing story development. We believe that everyone should have different thoughts on this matter because it all depends on what you really want and prefer.

We still remember when we first started playing wow, we were so excited for my journey ahead especially with regard to the beautiful places and regions of Azeroth. As time goes by, however, things become less interesting as we get used to them over time. Some players might claim that they only focus on completing quests because it’s efficient though not at all fun compared to others such as exploring areas, killing world bosses and other engaging tasks. This is not just the same for Wow because we find that many video games, as well as MMOs, tend to follow this simple yet dull pattern of progression as players always do the same things over and over again. If you want to speed things up maybe check out for a fast boost.

There are also those who enjoy fast leveling no matter what it takes thus, resulting in skipping most quests which can be boresome at times. World of Warcraft has been receiving negative criticism especially from current and ex-players due to its repetitive nature where everything becomes mundane after a few levels or weeks/months of playing. If you’re one of those people who wish to break away from the routine and make your journey ahead more exciting, we have gathered some tips below that we hope could be of help to you.


1. Use Your Cardboard Box

Do you know that this is one of the best things ever invented in World of Warcraft? We are not just saying this because we’re lazy or anything but ask any decent player out there and they’ll tell you that it really does come in handy at times! Though most people have known about this for a long time already, many still tend to ignore its importance which leave us wondering why. It’s useful moving your crafting materials into your bank could be especially when leveling up new professions on multiple characters. Guess what, once these materials are stored on the storage space provided by the Auction House you can now buy them back anytime! All you have to do is just open a couple of your character’s bank and the materials will automatically transfer into it. This is perfect if you’re leveling up new professions as well as on alts because crafting becomes part of our daily life once we get into end-game content.

2. Share Your Loot

If you’re feeling charitable then sharing your loot with other players could be another idea that would bring variety into your journey ahead. Simply put, it means distributing your quest rewards among your party members. Though this doesn’t sound like much, this is one way where everyone gets something out of it especially when two or more people need the same item. Also, this is one way to save some money especially if you are not in need of the items being offered by quests.


3. Farm Mounts and Pets

Pets and mounts are perfect for people who want to level up really fast because it provides them with additional experience income every time they kill mobs. They may sound easy to obtain but remember that these are hard to come by depending on the place where you’re at right now. For example, Goldshire in Elwynn Forest has tons of mobs that would give out a good amount of exp compared to other places at your current level range. You can check Wowhead or any online database site on the best pets/mounts to farm depending on your level range.

4. Considering the Different Race/Class Combos

Playing a certain race or class combo could help you get through the initial stages of the game faster because of their racial abilities and bonuses as well as their unique toolkits that could make things easier as you level up. A good example would be playing a Warlock as Horde at level 20-30 then changing it into a Blood Elf at around level 30 until you reach the endgame content. This is one way where you can progress faster without putting too much effort due to the power of these combos available for each race/class combination based on Wowhead’s Project Alpha site.


6. Getting to Heirloom Quests

Heirloom quests are a must-have if you plan on leveling your character fast. This quest reward enables you to level up another one of your characters by 20% which means it will be easier to get to the endgame content especially if you have alts. It is important that you should only do this when both of your characters are within the same level range for better effectiveness and ease during the journey ahead.

7. Don’t Ignore the Dungeons

Dungeons has always been a problem among players whether leveling or in a certain endgame content because most people simply rush past them without even thinking of the good they could do. In order to level up faster, dungeons are a great way to gain massive amounts of experience especially when you have a high ilvl gear equipped with dungeon-related set bonuses. Aside from that, it’s also a nice way for low ilvl geared players to acquire tier tokens which in turn gives them easy access to epic items in case they still want them in their current state.


8. Don’t Skip the Battlegrounds

Though battlegrounds may not be as effective as doing questlines, doing PvP battles here and there would really help you get through your leveling process faster assuming that both of your characters are within the same level range.

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