Best Football apps to watch FIFA 2014 on Android phone

FIFA 2014 season has already started. This new season brought up more aggressive competition and fun. The world cup season is hosted in Brazil. For all those who are crazy fan of Fifa and still not having holiday to watch the game, can switch to some of the best app I had listed below. These apps deliver you the latest information and works in real-time mode. The app is ideal for anyone who has an android Smartphone. They can get updated information about the ongoing matches. So we will see all the apps which are popular and available. Most of these apps are available on different platforms. That means on Windows phone, iOS, etc. But you will find them on android easily. The apps are the best one picked from various other apps. You need an active internet connection to get the real-time updates on your phone. Most of these apps work in the form of notification. If you have any of this you will never miss any match update.

The Fifa App:

The Fifa App

This one is the official mobile app which is released on various platforms. The app gives you current and latest information about Brazil 2014 World Cup. You can get the same app on iOS also. Some of the important feature of this app is that you get all latest news separately. It is not mixed up with the match update. There is a separate section from where you can get all the news about matches. You can get the list of coaches and you get all information on them. Lists of teams are placed separately with all players. This app has detailed information on everything. You can instantly find out different group of teams in it. You can check out the latest schedule and qualifying details. The app is designed with a simple UI. It is easy to use and has latest stories. You can get a lot of match images from it. It works great on 3G. Download The Fifa App.

World Cup Brazil 2014:

World Cup Brazil 2014

World Cup Brazil 2014 app is designed to give you latest news about the event. It also gives you constant updates that are based on current event. The app is limited to android only. You cannot get this on Windows phone or iOS platform. The good part of using this app is that you can find information different games and country with teams. You can get videos also on the same. It has a very simple screen that shows you constant match progress. The app also needs a good internet connectivity to give you constant online updates. It is ideal for those who need videos of games. There are few bugs in the app due to which it might crash. But the new update is fixed and this will also add information about the old matches. This will allow you to have a kind of historical statistic and you can analyze the matches more easily. Download World Cup Brazil 2014.

Onefootball Brazil- World Cup:

Onefootball Brasil World Cup

Onefootball Brazil- World Cup is a quiet popular app because it always remains updated. Whenever you start you won’t get any old news and the app is available for android and iOS both. The app itself has a few unique features worth to mention. Like through this you can get live commentary on your phone. It has a ticker option for all the matches. You can configure your own push notification on the same. You can checkout results and match schedule anytime you want. This app brings out some social features such as you can chat with fan when the live match is going around. You can see press conference videos or interview videos on the same. It target more detail information about the world cup. Download Onefootball Brasil – World Cup.

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