7 Tips to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Android Phone 2024

Tips to Improve Mobile Gaming

Do you want to enhance your gaming performance on your Android smartphone and don’t know how to do that? In present era, we have best of everything. We have best of screens, best of processors in our phones, best of batteries. But still there are some blockage to our gaming experiences. So, we thought of compiling some steps so that we can possibly reduce\minimize these blockages. In this article, we will be giving you seven very important tips which will make your mobile gaming easier.

Install / Enable Gaming Mode

I am sure you must have experienced this before where you are having an important fight in the game and suddenly your game is blocked by the notifications or the phone calls. If yes, then you need to install this app in your phone which manages the notifications, phone calls etc. during the gaming session. You can block the calls, notification so that you play your game without disturbance. If you enable the gaming mode of the app, you will automatically enter the zone where you will not receive any message, your calls will be auto rejected, and you will not get any unwanted notifications and the background apps will also get cleared. Apart from this you can also configure the volume settings as per your requirements. Isn’t it great?

You can set any exception as per your need. It totally depends on your which app you want to block and mute or which calls to auto reject. If you are tired by the notification by the share it, you can block it either way during the game mode

Gaming Mode

Google Play Game

If you want to keep track of the ranking you have in various games or you want to get notified about the information of various tips and techniques for playing game in a better manner. The app has this special feature called Android’s Instant Gameplay feature. This amazing feature provides you many interesting things such as playing the game without downloading the application. Usually we lose the profile in the game due to crash of the phone or migrating to new phones. You need not to worry for even this case because this app allows you to upload the data on the cloud. You can save your score board and even continue where you have stopped. You can save the instance of the state of the game and can resume later without interference.

The app is also having this amazing feature where you can broadcast your live game and if you want to show your face during the live streaming. Then you are all set to go because the app allows this feature also. So, what are you get your app installed in your phone and play, play, play.

Google Plat Games

Phone’s inbuilt features

Rather than using the third-party applications, you can also use the in-built application of do not disturb. You can do exactly which you were doing using the third-party applications. If you do not trust third party apps then this the best option for you. You can manage the notifications, calls, messages as per your need. You can set the duration during which you want to set the do not disturb mode. You can set it by going to settings and then move to sound. In the sound option search for “Do Not Disturb”. This you will find a option where you can create the exception describing the application/feature that you need to put in the silent mode.

Personalizing the game settings

There are a lot of features that already are present in the settings of the game which you can personalize as per your requirement. In the games of this era, many of the solution to your gaming issues are already provided in the game settings such as if you are facing frame issue then you can adjust your graphics for better gaming experience.There are many such game settings that you can apply to experience a better gaming session. You can entirely change the look and feel of the game as per you.

Getting new Controllers

If you don’t want to play game using touch screen, then you can add the controllers in your gaming kit. There are a variety of third-party controller available in the market that you can purchase to enhance your gaming experience.  Many of the games these days are built to have compatibility with the controllers. From Xbox to PS1, everything is supported these days. You just have to buy a controller you wish and started playing.

Play on Bigger Screens with Chromecast

You can employ Chromecast which is used for play games no the bigger screen. It will cast your mobile screen on the television or the desktop and you can use third party controller to control your game. If you do not need to spend money, then you can use keyboard and mouse as your controller. Enjoy playing on bigger screen as these days even 6-inch display is small to play games.

ChromeCast Gaming

Download Octopus

So last but not the least, I am going to tell you about Octopus. The device that will make your life a lot easier. Sometimes its quite annoying and even difficult to connect your device with the keyboard. To make things easier you can use Octopus which will help you easily add your mouse and keyboard. The games these days provide the inbuilt support to controller keys, so you don’t have to worry about. But please also let me tell you that some gaming apps block octopus. So, do not try to use octopus for them.

So, these are the 7 tips and tricks that we always wanted to impart you so that you can play without any stress. If you want to level up your gaming skills, then perform the steps stated above and thanks us later. For more update and gaming related hot issue stay tuned to this site. Do let us know what you think about these tips and also let us know if there is something we have missed here.

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