Top 7 features of Lumia Cyan Windows 8.1 Update

Lumia Cyan Windows 8.1 Update is rolled out for high end lumia phones and it brings out so many great features. Today I am going to show you the 7 best features through which you can find out how this new update will be better for your device. First of all new updates means more stable output. And this time this update has many new UI changes. This gives you more control over the home screen and also on the same hand increase your productivity. This top 7 features make the Lumia Cyan Windows 8.1 Update a effective solution for lumia devices. Also this update will help you to save your battery life more. It optimized to consume less power and give you a long basting battery output. So let’s just checkout the updates.

Nokia Cyan Windows 8.1 Update

New Features:

Lumia Cyan Windows 8.1 Update add many extra benefits on the lumia phone. Being a new Windows 8.1 Update it is for surely that there will be some new things in it. This time you can customize the start screen in more proper way. You can change the tile size or apply a background wallpapers. Windows 8.1 Update also bring a new Action Center. This is the message center of Nokia phone and a new Word Flow keyboard to boost your typing skills.

New Home Screen:

home screen

Lumia Cyan Windows 8.1 update brings changes in the start screen. This is the first time Lumia devices are getting more to do on the home screen. There is a new third column tile introduced on the start screen which add more accessibility features. You can access more things through that. by default it will come with your favorite picture tile. You can tap on that and access it. You can modify the tiles as per your need. You can re-arrange or resize it.

Action Center:

Action Center

Lumia Cyan Windows 8.1 update brings a Action Center. Before this whenever you get a new update you have to rely on app. But now you can get all the information from the Action Center. This one is a default place that keep everything at one place. You get your alerts, updates, notification, messages, etc on one screen. It is very easy to customize Action Center. There are quick settings available that allow you to add or remove important functions.

Word Flow keyboard:

Word Flow keyboard

New keyboard is the prime highlight of Lumia Cyan Windows 8.1 update. Because this add a lot more benefits. This new keyboard is called as Word Flow Keyboard. It is designed to give you more work accuracy. You can tap and get easy word correction. Your typing would far more easier here. And this keyboard works commonly for many apps. You can type in whatsapp, you can type on facebook, etc. It is fast and accurate. This time you will find that you are making very less correction while typing.

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