PUBG Mobile Season 8: Top 5 Features You Must Know

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Features

The Season 8 of our most favorite battle royale game PUBG is all here. There have been numerous new additions to the game including the new Royal pass.

Season 8 has a whole new and amazing content to offer. It includes a new theme, new skin and costumes, new weapons and much more. All these features have taken the game to the next level and made it even more interesting.

In this article, we are listing the 5 best new features of PUBG Mobile Season 8. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!!

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1. Experience Better Visuals With Updated HDR Mode

Be it any video game, graphics and visuals play a very important role. These factors takes the gaming experience to the next level. The season 8 has updated its HDR mode to a new 0.13.5 version which provides improved graphics and visuals. Gamers can use these settings with extreme graphics settings. To enjoy the new updated HDR mode, you should have an HDR supported device.

This will improve the detailing and offer a smoother and crisp gaming experience.


2. Protect Rank Drop With ‘Rating Protection Card’

This can be the most useful addition to the players who are always concerned about their rank depletion. The Rating Protection Card helps the players to maintain and protect their ratings. It is of high use at the higher and tougher tier of the game.

You need to activate this Rating Protection Card before every match and there will be no rank drop while the card is active. One thing to keep in mind while using the card is that it is limited till the crown tier so, it is recommended to activate the rate protection card on reaching the Crown I tier.

3. New Weapon – PP-19 Bizon

The Pubg Mobile Season 8 has brought a new sub-machine gun to the armory. It is known as the PP-19 Bizonand offers the largest magazine on SMG. It is also the most gorgeous and coolest looking gun of the game. It does not support any lower rail attachments or magazine because it has its own unique helical magazine. It takes 9mm ammo and is best suitable for the close-range matches. The gun is fairly stable for low recoil shooting without any grip.

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4. Updated Tier Transfer Rules

Season 8 has also updated the tier transfer rule. These are very helpful specially to the beginners of PUBG who are still learning the battle royale game. Now, the tiers below Gold i.e Bronze and Silver will be directly transferred to season 8. The players can, therefore, maintain their position in the new season as well. They don’t need to face any changes in tiers.

5. Experience FPP for Team Deathmatch

The players can now play the team deathmatch mode in the First-person perspective or simply the FPP. This is great for the players who love playing the team deathmatches as it offers great shooting accuracy and offers a better gaming experience.

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