5KPlayer Review: Best 4K HD Video Player to Download

5K Player Review

Looking for a free 4K Ultra HD Video Player that also allows you to download unlimited music and an AirPlay media streamer all together?? If yes, then you’re at the right place, we got you covered.

How about having a 4K video player that not only lets you play but also download and convert videos/music from various online video streaming websites and also lets you stream videos over DLNA and AirPlay along with many other important features! Isn’t it amazing!


Here we are talking about one such all-in-one application that will do all above mentioned tasks for you, i.e. you don’t need to flood your system with number of separate tools. Yes, it is the best VLC alternative for you, called 5K Player.

It is free software for playing HD videos, music, AirPlay media streaming, download audio/video and much more. It is the best alternative for traditional VLC media player available for both Windows as well as MacOS platforms.

5k Player is a perfect combination of amazing video playback, great features and user friendly interface. The software is packed with amazing features that can handle all your movies and videos. Let’s take a look to the features and advantages of the 5K Player and decide yourself!

5K Player

Features and Advantages of 5K Player

Supports all Formats:

The best thing about the 5K Player is that, it supports almost all the video formats including MKV/M2TS/MP4/AVI/WMV/FLV at the same time you can play MP3 music, DTS multichannel surround sound, AAC, AC3, WMA, and FLAC & ALAC lossless as audio formats.

It is capable of playing 4k/UHD/360°  videos, music, DVD, and also live radio. All of these amazing features make it the alternative to the VLC player. All the formats are played in the best quality because of the TrueTheater technology.

The software has all the basic video  player features like adding subtitles, customize subtitles, change audio track, taking snapshots of video and many other. It also works as a great media manager tool.

AirPlay Media Streamer5K Player Media Streaming

5K Player has a built-in AirPlay support that acts as a screen mirroring tool for iPhone and iPads. It records iPhone, iPad screen while mirroring. This feature can transform your system into a AirPlay Sender/Receiver.

Therefore, you can stream data from your phone to computer and vice-versa. You can also stream videos to AirPlay speakers or Apple TV directly. You can also stream from computer to phones/smart TV/Xbox etc.

Live Radio Player

5K video player acts as a modern internet Radio Player. The Pre-sets that are available by default includes popular channels like BBC Sport, CBS Sports, NBC and Hotmix Radio. You just have to enter a stream URL or load a pre-set and you’re good to go. You can then, enjoy and experience the modern Internet Radio.

Works as a great DVD Player

You can run your DVDs without any issues with the built-in features of the 5K Player. It supports DVD discs as well as DVD image files without any distortion. Moreover, it is a region free software, so you can also unlock the region specific DVDs.

5K Player DVD Player

Great support for Hardware Acceleration

5K Player supports Dxva2 hardware acceleration which can speed up the video processing and also ensures the high quality playback of HD video files. You can thus play large videos in a good quality without any problems.

Video/Music Downloader

Many times we struggle and face problems in downloading the videos from internet. The 5K Player is here for rescue. We can download all type of videos using this multipurpose software. You can download videos from more than 300 sites using 5K Player, these include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and others. For audios, you can download files from all the famous websites like SoundCloud.

5K Player YouTube Downloader

In addition to downloading video/audio, you can also convert video into MP3 sound file – which is a great help when you only want to download the audio from an online video.

Downloading a video using 5K Player is very easy, just copy the URL to the software and that’s it. It will analyse the URL and download the video in 1080p resolution by default. Moreover, you can change the default resolution as per your preference.


You can effortlessly share the videos as well as music between Windows and other DLNA-compatible devices including Android mobiles, smart TV, Xbox and PS4.

Works As A Great Tool For Editing Videos

You can easily edit your videos using 5K Player. You can perform anything including rotation videos, changing playback speed, adding subtitles, changing audio tracks etc on your videos.

All these features of 5K Player makes it the best video player and also a great alternative to the VLC player.

5K Player Video Editing


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Final Verdict

Being a movie buff, I myself use to watch and stream lot of movies and videos almost every day. I have used many other video players including VLC which was my favourite media player before I got my hands on 5K Player. It’s been months for me using the 5K Player and I never faced any problem with it till now. It is the best video player I have used till now.

The best thing about this software is that, you can do anything with your videos and also music using a single application. Without any doubt, I can say that it is a multipurpose software.

Another best thing about 5K Player is that, it is completely safe to use, it doesn’t comes with illegal, malicious extensions, which is a case with most of the free softwares. So, you can take the advantages of the software without putting your system into risk.

If you’re looking for the best video player or a VLC alternative then I highly recommend using 5K Player once and I’m sure you will never regret.

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