Top 7 Kodi Addons For Chrome & Firefox Browser 2024

Kodi Browser Addons

If you love watching online movies, you must be aware of Kodi. It is one of the popular Online Movie Streaming services allowing you to play videos and music on all platforms and by all platforms, we meant to Windows Android, Linux, iOS, etc. Some users also call it home entertainment applications.

The thing about Kodi is it converts the device which we are using for streaming into a Set-top box. Keeping in mind the growth of Kodi, browsers like Firefox and Chrome decided to add an extension for the same. The extensions which we are going to discuss in this article, whose sole purpose is to make the use of Kodi easy. Let’s discuss each extension separately.

1. KodiBuddy


The very first extension we are discussing here is KodiBuddy. As the name depicts, this extension made streaming more easier. What it basically does is scan all the videos which you browse or search on websites and later play it on Kodi application. Basically, it works as a search engine with the availability of playing a video or music. It allows playback also offers a special place where you can see your browsing videos on a screen.

2. TraktToKodi


This special extension is very important because it keeps the track of media and videos you browse or love to watch. Basically, you are free to enable this add-on with your Kodi application. It will use for the backdoor process. Extension of this particular is available both on chrome and Firefox.

3. Youtube 2 KODI

Youtube 2 KODI

The name itself speaking for this extension. This allows you to play YouTube video on the Kodi application. To use this without any disturbance you had to make certain changes in the Kodi application.

4. Kassi Share

Kassi Share

This particular upgraded some flaws on Kodi. It allows you to connect to websites like Vimeo, Twitch, YouTube, etc later allow the particular video to play on the Kodi application.

5. Play to Kodi

Play to Kodi

This is the widely preferable extension of Kodi as the name depicts the extension allows users to play, queue and remotely control all the stuff on the Kodi. It also offers the favorite button. Other than this many of the sites are linked with this application like YouTube, Hulu, etc. Extensions are available for both Chrome and Firefox users.

6. Cast Kodi

Cast Kodi

This generally allows the casting of video. Whenever you sent the link of the video the extension analyze and cast it and then the results to Kodi where you are free to play the particular video.

7. Send to Kodi

Send to Kodi

Most of the people don’t like to visit the website before watching the video so this extension offers flexibility to users. It means it allows you to play the particular video on your Kodi extension. The extension supports the URLs.

This is all we know so far about the Kodi extension if you are the one who uses Kodi then knock yourself out with this extension. We are pretty much sure you will find it useful.

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