PUBG Update 0.14.0 adds Helicopters in Lobby, FPP in Team Death Match and More Features


Tencent’s infamous Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile has recently brought its another update v0.14.0, it is in Beta phase as of now. The company is focusing on the improvement of the game for providing its users with the best gaming experience and hence, we are seeing these frequent updates to the game.

The main highlights of the new update are the helicopters in the lobbies and also a companion dog. There will also be changes to riot shield and AWM.  Keep reading on to know more.

So, as you may already know, the season 8 of PUBG Mobile is already here with several new additions and features including the powerful PP-19 SMG Gun, Rating Protection Card, and new tier rules. Now, with the update of 0.14.0, Tencent is adding more features to our favorite game again. These include helicopters in lobbies, a dog companion, new Zombie mode, riot shield and also extra options for customizing your avatar.

PUBG Mobile update 0.14.0: Helicopters in Lobby

According to a youtube video, the new PUBG Mobile update will have to bring some changes in its user interface. The gun schematics will also undergo some changes after the update. As we already mentioned, players will also get a new dog companion.

Moreover, with the changes in the UI, the maps and modes will also be displayed differently but in a more convenient way. We can conclude that the new UI changes will make the UI more user-friendly and simpler.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.0: Zombie Mode

There are also talks about the new Zombie mode in update 0.14.0 but as for now, there is no clarity about the theme of the Zombie mode because of the reason that the update is written in a Chinese text in the image. However, we can conclude that this upcoming update will mix both the Zombie Darkest Night and Zombie Survive Till Dawn 2 along with the Team Death Match mode into a single-mode.

New Changes in Team Death Match Mode, Riot Shield, and More

The Pubg Mobile season 8’s major highlight is the Team Deathmatch mode and with the new update, we will see some changes in it including the addition of new and upgraded weapons. In the same YouTube video, we have seen an AWM and Level 3 armor lying in the area. This means the Team Deathmatch Mode is going to be more fun and interesting.

There will be helicopters flying in the lobby, however, these can not be spotted on the maps. It might just be an indication of PUBG’s new collaboration but as for now, it is unlikely.

Apart from these amazing changes, we will also get to see some new additions. These include the access to brand new skins, weapons and also several new options for avatar customization and also the in-game chat. There will also be changes to the armory, with more detailed schematics of the weapons.

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